Acid-Spitting Sharks Are My Spirit Animals


Do not kiss my scars
These are not mere marks
Of sadness on my body
These are my battle wounds.
I am fighting with myself
And if I am still here
I am winning
Do not kiss my scars
I am no meek, helpless creature,
Who can be fixed by your love.
I am in a war
I am a soldier
I am a hero
I do not need to be saved.


leaving your room when people are over


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"No no, stop. Go owl somewhere else."

Looks like two witches familiars arguing about something

Great. I’m going to restart my stupid little depression/personal blog because I really need it in my life right now. I need to vent and look at depressing pictures and cry and stuff.

If you want the URL, and don’t mind seeing triggering things, please feel free to message me because this account will probably go untouched for a long time.



I really fucking need a hug right now.